“Ultimately one has to pity these poor souls who know every secret about writing, directing, designing, producing, and acting but are stuck in those miserable day jobs writing reviews. Will somebody help them, please?”
David Ives

Exciting new content coming your way . . .

We have some great interview podcasts lined up for you – over the next couple of weeks you’ll meet Vance Schneider, Theatre BC’s executive director, in a two-part podcast; we’ll have an insider’s look at what the adjudicator is thinking while watching YOUR show during Festival; and we’re working on a feature profile of a recent recipient of a most prestigious Theatre BC award. Stay tuned in iTunes, keep watching this website, frequent the Facebook page, and see us on Twitter: @TheatrePeter.

ITT 002: Theatre BC Roundtable Podcast

On this edition of the In The Theatre podcast, I’m very pleased to be joined by three guests:

  • Glen Miller, President of Theatre BC
  • Wes Eccleston, Vice-President of Theatre BC
  • Allison Haley, Chair of the Central Interior Zone of TBC
Glen Miller

Glen Miller

In this episode, we cover four themes that came out as part of the recent Strategic Planning Session held as part of the TBC board’s winter board meetings. Those themes are:

  • Youth Engagement
  • How to Find/Attract Sponsors for Clubs and Festivals
  • Challenges in Remote/Large Zones (and other zones)
  • Communication: Flows in more than one direction
Allison Haley

Allison Haley

It’s a lively roundtable discussion with all four of us, and certain to be of interest to many people involved in Community Theatre. Some links that came out of the discussion include:

Wes Eccleston

Wes Eccleston

I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to get your feedback using any of the links you find on this page.

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Your Community Theatre Club and Theatre BC

Community Theatre clubs come in all shapes and sizes, with many varied levels of organization. Some are very structured, with committees and procedures that put everything into place for a successful season.

Others are simply an ad-hoc group of people who like live theatre, and get together in someone’s living room to start putting on a play. And there’s a vast range of in-betweens too. Regardless of where your local club is organizationally, Theatre BC offers an outstanding opportunity to either broaden your horizons by taking advantage of many resources, or to actually become a resource yourself.

TBC BLUE LOGO By becoming involved in the local zone process, TBC member clubs have an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people. While it may not be easy for some zones to gather together in one room due to distance, they might want to consider a Skype video call as a means to meet. If not video, then Skype audio calls can be held to help foster this communication. (I also understand Google+ can be used in the same way, although I have no personal experience with it). For clubs with specific questions or issues, why not reach out within and beyond your own zone club members for help? The people of Community Theatre are very giving and will most likely be happy to share their experience and knowledge to help another club. Your zone chair is networked into the broader Theatre BC community – do reach out to them.

At the recent Theatre BC Strategic Planning Session, one of the key themes that came out was how “communication” flows in more than one direction. An exercise with a ball of string reinforced this. As we all gathered around in a circle, the spherical prop was tossed from person to person, and we all kept hold of our little loop. When we were done, the string was made taut and any one movement affected everyone else. So, while the TBC office is an important resource for member clubs, it is strengthened by the knowledge, experience and skills that we all have in our own home clubs, and as individuals.

ITT_Zone Map 2013Communication within and among the zones is equally as important as it is with HQ in Kamloops, and as the skein of twine exercise demonstrated, everything is connected.

Clicking on the blue Theatre BC logo will take you directly to the Theatre BC website, while clicking on the map will take you to a detailed page about the 10 different zones of Theatre BC. Once you’re at the website, the map includes “hot spots” over each zone – just click on your region to bring up a page with more info about your zone.

Explore and learn more about this valuable organization for individuals and clubs In The Theatre.

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ITT 001: Theatre BC Zone Festivals Podcast


Richard Kerton, Theatre BC Treasurer

I am very excited to present the first official podcast episode of In The Theatre!

In this premier episode, I’m joined by my good friend and Theatre BC Treasurer, Richard Kerton.

We had a chat about the many elements of hosting a successful regional zone festival. With 10 zones in Theatre BC, there are a lot of variables that go into holding a zone festival, and we explore some of those in this show.

There are plenty of tips in the show, and many of those can be used at your local community theatre club level as well. We discuss sponsorships, promotion and general organization.


For the latest details on what’s happening in the zones for their festivals, click over to the official Theatre BC website:

I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to get your feedback using any of the links you find on this page.


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One note – at the time we recorded this interview, Skeena Zone (SKZ) had not yet confirmed their dates for this year’s festival, but it will also likely to be held sometime in May.

“We’re actors — we’re the opposite of people!”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Early in the new year the Theatre BC Board of Directors gets together for their semi-annual board meetings and planning sessions.

Once again this year, the board met in North Vancouver. Facilitator Yael Blum led the group through an intensive strategic planning session in January.

The results of the session are being compiled, with some of the outcomes being implemented in short order. Longer-term goals will be discussed, with action-planning on the agenda for the July board meetings at Mainstage.

Online Voicemail System Activated

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Through the good graces of the folks at SpeakPipe, I’ve instantly incorporated an online voicemail system.

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