The “In The Theatre” Podcast, now on iTunes!

itunes_logo 150pxGreat News! You can now subscribe to the In The Theatre podcast on iTunes! Just click on the iTunes logo to subscribe . . .

You can also use your favourite podcast catcher app to subscribe, download and listen.

Online Voicemail System Activated

Wow! Technology wonders never cease to amaze me.

Through the good graces of the folks at SpeakPipe, I’ve instantly incorporated an online voicemail system.

You can click the tab on the right to record a message, greeting, question, tip, etc. and send it to In The Theatre. You’ll need to include your name and e-mail address before hitting the send button.

Before you record your message, check for the location of your computer’s microphone – it works with computers and iOS and Android devices. On recent MacBooks, Apple has placed the mic on the left edge, near the input ports (some other models have them up near the camera at the centre top of the display).

This Is A Podcast

Ok, taking a slight liberty there with Daniel MacIvor’s play title, but it’s probably appropriate.


I’m still taking the colourful wrapping paper off of this site, and as a “beta” work in progress, I’m pleased to give you a quick listen to what you can expect on the podcast.

Random note: mixed up metaphors are one of my specialties 😉

Hi There – We’re Shiny & New!

And, just like all shiny, new things, there are very few fingerprints on here yet 🙂 But as we continue to move in, the place will start to have more of that lived-in look. Actually, we’re still learning where all the light switches and plumbing are, so it’s truly a grand journey of exploration – kind of like moving a show into a road house.

As time goes on, In The Theatre will, hopefully, become a valuable resource for community theatre enthusiasts.

The main feature, our In The Theatre podcast is coming soon – stay tuned.

We’re working our way through tech rehearsals right now, but there’s a little preview podcast episode available just above this post.