Hi There – We’re Shiny & New!

And, just like all shiny, new things, there are very few fingerprints on here yet 🙂 But as we continue to move in, the place will start to have more of that lived-in look. Actually, we’re still learning where all the light switches and plumbing are, so it’s truly a grand journey of exploration – kind of like moving a show into a road house.

As time goes on, In The Theatre will, hopefully, become a valuable resource for community theatre enthusiasts.

The main feature, our In The Theatre podcast is coming soon – stay tuned.

We’re working our way through tech rehearsals right now, but there’s a little preview podcast episode available just above this post.

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2 thoughts on “Hi There – We’re Shiny & New!

  1. Just listened to the zone festival podcast.. Very impressed good work I will try put a link in our zone website so all may keep in tune.