ITT 001: Theatre BC Zone Festivals Podcast


Richard Kerton, Theatre BC Treasurer

I am very excited to present the first official podcast episode of In The Theatre!

In this premier episode, I’m joined by my good friend and Theatre BC Treasurer, Richard Kerton.

We had a chat about the many elements of hosting a successful regional zone festival. With 10 zones in Theatre BC, there are a lot of variables that go into holding a zone festival, and we explore some of those in this show.

There are plenty of tips in the show, and many of those can be used at your local community theatre club level as well. We discuss sponsorships, promotion and general organization.


For the latest details on what’s happening in the zones for their festivals, click over to the official Theatre BC website:

I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to get your feedback using any of the links you find on this page.


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One note – at the time we recorded this interview, Skeena Zone (SKZ) had not yet confirmed their dates for this year’s festival, but it will also likely to be held sometime in May.

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