ITT 016: Theatre BC Mainstage 2014 Preview

Theatre BC Mainstage 2014, Coming Soon . . .

The regional drama festivals have concluded and now Theatre BC is ramping up for the big shindig, Destination Mainstage 2014!

BIO PIC - Kathryn Shaw 2014

Kathryn Shaw

Held the last several years in Kamloops, BC, Mainstage is the annual gathering of Best Play winners (or their alternate) from the regional Theatre BC Zone Drama Festivals. Each performance is adjudicated both publicly after the performance, and in-depth the next morning, by an adjudicator – this year, Kathryn Shaw.

On this episode of In The Theatre, delve a bit deeper into Mainstage, as I preview just some of the activities being held as part of Mainstage.

From this episode, here are some helpful links for you to gather more information or register to attend:

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