ITT 204: After Hours #2, “The Ghost Hotel”


In the middle of Mainstage 2016 in Chilliwack, we were on-site, recording interviews with Community Theatre enthusiasts from across BC for the “In The Theatre” podcast. We’re still trying to decide if microphones and mixed drinks actually mix 🙂

A little different this time, we’ve got a second, special “After Hours” edition of the show with a roundtable of guests including Theatre BC Treasurer Richard Kerton, Vice-President Wes Eccleston, former CIZ chair Allison Haley, and NSZ chair Doug Perri joining me on the podcast. We hijacked Doug’s room and turned his bed into a podcast studio, which turned out pretty well!

Coming up later this week, we’ll chat with Rob Mason-Brown, artistic director of the Fred Skeleton Theatre Company in Kelowna on the “In The Theatre” Podcast.

I hope you enjoy the show, and would love to get your feedback using any of the links you find on this page.

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