Mainstage 2016 – Theatre BC’s Biggest Week of the Year!


Mainstage 2016 is about to kick off in Chilliwack, BC in the Fraser Valley Zone.

It’s the biggest week of the year for Theatre BC, as productions that have advanced from regional zone festivals move their shows 100’s of kilometres, and in some cases across the sea, into a new theatre at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

Seven plays will be staged, one each night starting July 2. Each performance will be followed by a brief public critique from the stage by Michael Armstrong, adjudicator for the week, followed by an in-depth analysis and adjudication the following morning at the Chilliwack Players Guilds Guildhall.

Workshops, play readings, green room socials and meetings round out the week – see above for a detailed schedule of activities, and check the Facebook group for the latest updates.

For more details, listen to our two most recent podcast episodes:

Theatre BC’s website also has info here and here about Mainstage 2016!

Have a great week everyone – we’ll be recording new episodes of the podcast on site.

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