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This weekend, I had the great honour of being chosen as the new President of Theatre BC at the Annual General Meeting in Chilliwack. I will be completing the second year of Glen Miller‘s two-year term as President after he stepped aside. Glen served as TBC’s President for five years, and lead us through various challenges and victories. We thank him for his service. I’d also like to thank both Penny Bayne and Marianne Brorup-Weston for serving as Vice-Presidents. Their work on various committees was instrumental in on-going Theatre BC operations.

The new executive team includes three Vice Presidents: Wesley Eccleston from Kamloops, Jacqollyne Keath from Vancouver and Adele Kuyek from Vernon. Rounding out the team, Richard Kerton is our Treasurer – he’ll be newly arrived in Vernon later next month. And, just newly arrived in Nanaimo is our new Recording Secretary, Michael Armstrong, who was also our 2016 Mainstage adjudicator.

This is the group who, together with the ten zone chairs, will work towards improving communications with the membership, build better management systems and give excellent financial stewardship to maintain a successful and sustainable organization for the good of all community theatre in BC.

Thank you to everyone who supported me with their votes and proxies; for those of you who are interested, here is the text of my address at the 2016 Mainstage Awards Ceremony.

TBC BLUE LOGO“I remember very distinctly my first live theatre experience. I was seven years old and we were living in Edmonton, where we went to see a play. While I don’t remember the show title or the performance venue, I certainly do remember the colours of the lights; the sounds, completely enveloping me; the energy of the performers and the responses from the audience. I was literally vibrating with excitement from this new experience.

In the years since then, I’ve experienced and participated in hundreds of different theatrical events, and have never tired of those lights, those sounds, those responses and the energy of being in the theatre.

When we are all, collectively, experiencing that same thing, night after night & day after day, as we have been here in Chilliwack during an incredible Mainstage week, it becomes almost tenuous. It’s thrilling and addicting.

To all of the Mainstage 2016 committee members, to every single volunteer at the Centre, at the Chilliwack Players Guild Hall, the play readers here and at the Royal Hotel, or those volunteers unseen in the corners and simply happy to just be part of the action, THANK YOU!

At a very young age, theatre became a “safe place” for a sensitive kid who was just a little different enough from the other kids that a sanctuary like the theatre was both welcome and necessary. Even today, while we’ve come a long way, we still welcome those who need that “safe place” into the theatre.

For all that theatre has offered to me, I’m honoured and pleased to offer something back to the community that welcomed me into the fray, into the group, and into the secret society that is all of us.”


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2 thoughts on “Theatre BC, President

  1. Congratulations Peter. You said there would be more communications
    and this is a great start! I enjoyed 2016 Mainstage very much. Winning best costumes and our show doing so well was just the icing on an already tasty cake. The new awards are beautiful and reference those given out in the past, but not so expensive.. I assume. This shows financial responsibility. I appreciate this and look forward to TBC not only surviving but growing!

    • Thanks so much Pat – I appreciate it! Congratulations on your show’s success this year at Mainstage. I too look forward to TBC growing, and with the members’ input and support, we’ll all make it happen together.