Want to be on the “In The Theatre” Podcast? Easy!

I’m in the process of setting up interviews for future podcasts, but in the meantime, you could get on the show even faster. Simply record a little bumper for me by using the Send Voicemail tab on your right (or use the SpeakPipe app on your mobile device). Try and use the best microphone available to you – the ones built into iPhones and iPads work great, FYI.

microphoneJust follow this easy script for the recording:

“Hi! This is (your first & last name) from (your home club) in (city/town/village + province or state, if you like). We produce (# of shows) a year at (venue name). Find out more by visiting our website at www.(fill in the blank). You’re listening to the “In The Theatre” podcast, with your host, Peter WEE/nold” *

If the script above doesn’t exactly match you or your club or location, feel free to make some adjustments. Please keep the information as generic as possible (i.e., no dated references or performance specifics), as I’ll be using these throughout the year.

To make it extra easy, just listen to this silly example, where I introduce myself – thanks!

* Yes, that’s a phonetic spelling of my last name. Some hints: it does not rhyme with wine, and there is no H in my name. Also, I reserve the right to edit recordings as best fits the show 😉

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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